A few years ago we had an idea. We were each raising three young sons, navigating our busy Silicon Valley lives, and feeling a burden to become better dads who could model and pass on true manhood to our sons. Soon we realized our shared passion for becoming better men, impacting a culture that’s confused about manhood, taking this journey together instead of alone, and wanting to have fun instead of being sucked dry by the responsibilities of adulthood. Next we noticed that we knew many men who also have three (or more) sons, or who come from three son families, and feel similar burdens.

So, we had an idea: What if we pulled these men together to form a club—a unique club that would inspire men, bond them together, be a lot of fun, and create a movement of men who could impact generations to come? We loved the idea, but didn’t have the bandwidth in our lives to turn the idea into a reality. Until now. On June 1st 2017 we launched Three Sons Club*, a global club that aims to make a global difference. We invite you to join us and be part of the difference.

* A club for men — For dads and sons of any age who Form or come from families of three (or more) sons.